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Report on the export channels of fireworks--International Fireworks Association(IFA)

Report on the export channels of fireworks

                                   International Fireworks Association
                                           May 27, 2008
IFA Secretariat got the newest information as below: For relaxing tense status on the export of fireworks, Fangcheng harbor of Guangxi province is applying for qualification of export of fireworks coordinated by Mr. Cheng Zhencai, who is the official from MOC of China, it′s estimated that all the procedures complete at the end of the June.
Fangcheng Harbor locate in the south of Guangxi, belongs to one of 24 main ports of coastal areas in China. It’s figured by deep water and pacific wave, circled with mountains at three sides seems like an inland lake, with short and smooth sea route, and wide water and land area with long available coastline. The port with convenient traffic for which the land way has speedway and railway netting with national main stem, and the sea route is open to navigation with more than200 ports of 80 countries and regions.    
There are large ships and the feeder vessels to Hong Kong and Singapore. If the Fangcheng Harbor can got the qualification for export of fireworks, and which will relax the present status of transport. Fangcheng Harbor also own national network railway to the port area which can reduce the cost of logistics.
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