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The Recent status of Transport of Fireworks--International Fireworks Association(IFA)

The Recent status of Transport of Fireworks

                            Origin from Fireworks Town
Further to our report on the Notice issued by Ministry of Communication of China concerning the opening of more ports for export of fireworks, we recently interviewed Mr. Liu Donghui, Secretary-general of IFA, for more about the port movements.
He said that the Notice, which was also supported by State Administration of Work Safety. Concerted efforts have been discussing positively among different Ministries and Commissions, but the ports are under the operation of enterprises and charge of local government, therefore, these two sides play an important role for opening the export channels of fireworks, it takes time to coordinate with each of them.
Thousands of containers of backlogged fireworks remain unsent in manufactories, warehouses and ports, much the way the status form “Quake Lakes, Which has been threatening the security of the coming Olympic Games. It is urgent to open more ports to remove these “Quake Lakes”. And it’s also essential to keep the containers moving even during the Olympic periods to avoid illegal transport and smuggling.
“For the time being, reopening of Nansha Port is the only solution to all the backlogged fireworks. Liu said. Nansha is a qualified port for transport of explosives with well-equipped infrastructure and years of experience in fireworks operations. Nansha Port itself is willing to reopen fireworks business but it still need to coordinate with its upper authorities and the local government. At the same time, the attitude of the Guangzhou Government plays an important role; further measures will be taken in case of need if Nansha Port can’t reopen in the near future. Another two ports, Ningbo and Yantian mentioned in the Notice are helpful to the fireworks export for the long operation of ocean shipping, but they are currently not qualified ports for explosives, it takes time for them to apply for all the essential qualifications.
Fangcheng port located in Guangxi is most probably to open its door to firework export by the end of June. A delegation from the Port Affairs and Administration will make an on-the-spot investigation to main fireworks manufacturing areas like Liuyang soon. According to Liu, the most experienced carrier in fireworks transport, Maersk Sealand has committed to open a direct route from Fangchen to Malaysia once Fangcheng Port is qualified for explosives. In this way, fireworks can be transported to Malaysia and then transferred to ports all over the world. “The opening of Fangcheng Port is a tri-win solution to manufacturers, carriers and ports and it helps to expand and diversify the port business and to upgrade its status as well as its image as a port of world class. Liu said.
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