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The work stature for the expert committee of international fireworks association
                                                                                                                                                       April 2, 2006

chapter 1 general principles
item 1 The work statute is established in accordance with relevant provisions for The Charter Of International Fireworks Association.

Item 2 For the sound and healthy development of the international fireworks, and the purpose of bringing into play of expert’s role in the fireworks business, we hope to further the guaranty capacity of the association and build up the information exchange net, strengthening the leading core technology force. With the consent to the IFA Executive Committee, we set up the Expert Committee of the International Fireworks Association (hereinafter the Expert Committee), the English version is as following: Expert Committee (short for EC).

Item 3 Under the IFA Executive Committee leadership of the association, the Expert Committee undertakes technological services in the firework field, and promotes the safe and healthy improvement of the world firework business.
Item 4 the routine work of the Expert Committee is conducted by the secretariat.

Chapter 2 Responsibilities
Item 5 To keep to the relevant international provisions, and combine the reality with the world firework business, and then provide the Government with suggestions for the strategy programming, guidelines, policies and technological measures of the business development;

Item 6 To contact in time with the standard organization of world nations, and aim at the in-phrase participating or presiding over the work for the Technology Committee of the International Firework Standard Organization, cooperating with the investigations, analysis and constitution drafting of the international standards, and setting up the cooperation principles of the International Firework Standard;

Item 7 By means of various ways, we launch technological exchanges in issues of management, safety and quality of the business in this field, schedule the time for the international firework technology forum, and establish the communicational principle for technological exchanges;

Item 8 To develop relevant crucial theoretical and practical research projects of this business, we hope to satisfy the business demand for the improvement and establish the interaction principle of the international firework to tackle key technological problems.

Chapter 3 Organizing Institution
Item 9 We found one director member and several vice directors in the Expert Committee, and they are under the direct supervision of the IFA Executive Committee of the International Firework Association. The International Firework Association votes for the main director and other vice members, and the tenure for each working period is three years, permitting to reappointment.

Item 10 The members of the Expert Committee are supposed to be the authoritative figures of the managing branches, technology institutions and firework enterprises of the countries, who are to be equipped with the following qualifications:
(1) with the noble decency of dispositions, excellent scholastic morals, abiding by the laws and showing a sense of high responsibility;
(2) To have been engaged in the business or relevant businesses for more than 10 years, having full command over the developing trends of the international firework;
(3) To be qualified for corresponding advanced engineer or possessing the master degree;
(4) To possess the approved research achievements in the firework field (including specialized works, as well as papers published in national periodicals; having taken offices as the project principal in/over the provincial or ministry degree of scientific researches, and have presided over the constitution of the nation standards and participated in working out and illustrating relevant national laws, etc.;
(5) Willingly volunteering to join in the Expert Committee of the International Firework Association, and undertaking the assigned sole item investigations, correspondence, analysis and researches, etc.;

Item 11 Procedures to affirm expert membership
(1) The recommended candidates are supposed to take the recommendations from three or more members of the association and one member of the IFA Executive Committee;
(2) The recommended candidates are to be inspected by the secretariat for the first round, and the qualified ones will be submitted to and discussed by the IFA Executive Committee;
(3) The IFA Executive Committee will evaluate them and vote for the one from the submitted lists, 2/3 or over of the members of the Implementing Committee mean to receive the permission.

Item 12 The members of the Expert Committee claim the following rights:
(1) To have the right to vote or be voted for the director or the assistant directors;
(2) To propose or suggest to the IFA Executive Committee and the EC;
(3) To fully express opinions and raise questions while participating in the process of decision-making and message-consulting, with possible reservations to some extent;
(4) To take priority in gaining relevant technology and information from the International Firework Association;
(5) To take priority in obtaining the implemented scientific projects within plans;
(6) To have the right to withdraw from the EC.
Item 13 The obligations of the membership in EC
(1) To abide by the charter of the association and the managing ways of the EC;
(2) To be actively involved in activities of various kinds, and fulfill the missions assigned by the EC;
(3) To provide to the EC the in-time up-dated trends and messages in the international firework business.

Item 14 The tenure or engaging period for membership is five years a round for the EC, and those who qualify themselves for it can extend their engagement.

Item 15 The members are not allowed to organize any activities in the name after the EC without the permission of the EC.

Item 16 The ones from the EC could be appointed and dismissed by the director with consent to the IFA Executive Committee, if they don’t fulfill the responsibility, and fail to join in the activities with no permission or, are not suitable for the membership for some other reasons.

Chapter 4 Working style
Item 17 The conference for committee of the whole of the EC will be held annually in general, and there is an immediate meeting for the whole if the director considers it necessary.

Item 18 The EC is supposed to adopt means of conferences or corresponding letters to submit to the committee of the whole, being subjected to the properness inspection from it, before issuing significant documents or making big decisions. In principle, they should negotiate about the issues while being under inspections, and if vote is necessary, there must be 2/3 or over of the members who agree and then they can be passed.

Chapter 5 Expenses
Item 19 The function expenses for EC are raised and paid for in accordance with the appropriative principles for special funds, being consolidated in the secretariat charge.

Item 20 The expenses for EC activities are supplied by the following items:
(1) Expenses in budget and lists by the secretariat;
(2) Donations by all walks of life in the society;
(3) Payment by the Government or other organizations as appropriative funds for special technological activities;
(4) Benefits of any repayment for technological services.

Item 21 The expenses of the EC are to be utilized in the following items:
(1) For expenditure of the EC conferences and activities thereafter;
(2) For expenditure of providing materials to the members;
(3) For special expenditure of technological activities.

Item 22 The budget and final accounts of the expenses for the EC are to be forwarded by the secretariat, and to be inspected by the EC, being examined and approved of by the IFA Executive Committee.

Chapter 6 Supplementary Articles
Item 23 The working statute is issued and put into effect after the discussion and passage of it from the IFA Executive Committee.

Item 24 The secretariat takes the sole responsibility to carry through the illustration of the working statute.

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