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International Conference on Fireworks Transportation was hold in Beijing--International Fireworks Association(IFA)

International Conference on Fireworks Transportation was hold in Beijing

In order to coordinate and solve the Chinese fireworks transportation predicament, International Fireworks Association organized to hold International Conference on Fireworks Transportation in Wangfujing Grand Hotel in Beijing on November 2nd, 2006.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Yang Shengjun, chairman of Executive Committee of International Fireworks Association.

Director Chen Zhengcai of water transport department of Ministry of Communication of the People’s Republic of China, Director Pei Jing-Gang of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Mr. Song Yang of foreign trade department of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China have been appointed to attended the conference by relevant leaders of corresponding ministries and commissions separately. Delegate from International Fireworks Association, government of main producing regions of fireworks, ports, port authorities, international shipping companies, fireworks exportation companies, logistics Companies, inspection companies, etc. adding up to 80 participate in the meeting.


The meeting was divided into two main parts of make a speech and discuss with freedom. Mr. Liu Donghui, general secretary of International Fireworks Association, director Chen Zhengcai of water transport department of Ministry of Communication, Mr. Bengt I. Henriksen, president of Quality Logistics Inc., Capt. Chow Wing Hung of Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., Mr. Tang Jianxin, Vice Mayor of Liuyang Municipal Government, Ms. Julie L. Heckman, executive director of American Pyrotechnics Association, Mr. John D. Rogers, executive director of American Fireworks Standard Laboratory made theme speech separately. They fully affirmed the happiness that the fireworks bring to people of the world as a cultural product, analyzed the reason of the transportation predicament of the fireworks exportation, affirmed all sorts of efforts that International Fireworks Association has made in order to coordinate the transportation predicament of fireworks exportation in an all-round way, requested or schemed proposing solving the fireworks transportation predicament.


While discussing freely in the afternoon, the representatives participating in the conference mainly supervised the IFA Regulations Procedures for Supervised Packing of Fireworks Containers and Sampling Check List and IFA Management Regulations on Safety Supervision of Fireworks Containers Exported from China that International Fireworks Association puts forward, representatives think the International Fireworks Association does a large number of work for coordinating and solving the fireworks transportation predicament and the starting point of the solution is better, but some details in the scheme need to be further clear, to strengthen reality operationally.

Representatives also discussed about some concrete problems such as some ports and shipping companies restrain of refuse to accept fireworks and Guangzhou Sanshui port stopped handling fireworks business, etc. from November. The representative reached the following common understandings finally:

1, The fireworks are taken happiness for the people of the world, is the important components of the people's lives in the world, so long as product quality is guaranteed, ship the norm, the fireworks is safe;

2, The main reason of the transportation predicament of fireworks exportation at present is that fireworks enterprises or agency companies operated get out of line, need to strengthen the self-discipline of fireworks industry, improve trade prestige degree;

3, Ask the Ministry of Communication to set about revising " safe rules of management of the dangerous freight container ", guarantee from the policies and regulations that the fireworks are transport unblocked at every port; Before " rules " are revised, ask the leader of the Ministry of Communications to carry on on-the-spot investigation to the safety measure of Guangdong Sanshui Port and Changsha Xingang, propose the temporary solution, open the fireworks Business in Sanshui and Xingang Port as soon as possible.

4, Appeal to the international shipping companies to change the prejudice to the fireworks industry, rest assured to transport the standardized fireworks products, increase the fireworks freight space appropriately, control the transportation prices of the fireworks container within the range of the rational one, let the fireworks ship smoothly in a situation that organized, supervised.

5, Appeal to the local government of the fireworks main producing region to strengthen the supervision of fireworks enterprises, standardize the behavior of firework enterprise in accordance with the law, as to a few black sheep that operated get out of line for a moment interests should be attacked firmly, ban its working qualification in accordance with the law, guarantee the fireworks industry’s long-term stability.

6, Hope the International Fireworks Association further plays the role of industry organizer, becomes the bridge of government and enterprises, and offers guidance for safety in production and transportation of fireworks.


This conference has become the window where representatives from all walks of life of fireworks industry and the concerned leaders of Chinese government department talked directly, become the platform of world fireworks trade exchange and cooperation, has exerted a positive and far-reaching influence for promoting the settlement of the fireworks transportation predicament.

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