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The Success of the International Fireworks Association in the New Year--International Fireworks Association(IFA)

The Success of the International Fireworks Association in the New Year

The Success of the International Fireworks Association in the New Year
                                                                                                                                      January 25th, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,
The year 2005 has almost come to an end and the bell to ring in 2006 has already been sounded. The International Fireworks Association (IFA) will set off on a new foot and move towards a new spring. On the occasion of a joyous New Year's Day, the IFA Executive Committee will extend its salutation of the festal spirit and happiness of the New Year to the whole association and its circle of friends who care and participate in its affairs. They wish everyone good health, and that everything may turn out as you wish.

Looking back on the previous year, we can confidently say that we have made great efforts and great progress. In 2005, the local Secretary did a great deal of work, especially with regard to the security of the Chinese Business Affairs Board, the Chinese Security Manufacture Supervisory Administration and other government departments under the leadership of the IFA. We also enjoyed the attention and the unstinting support of all our friends and associates. We organized a highly successful Second Annual Conference on October 19th, 2005. At the conference, Mr Chao Xumin summed up the work that IFA has done in the last two years and chaired the security ordinance forum. Chinese representative Liu Jinbiao, American representative Garry Hanson and Taiwan representative Wu Siyuan described the present state of play and the developing trends in the security ordinance of fireworks in the U.N, the U.S.A and Taiwan respectively. The annual forum also welcomed many associates.

We organised and founded an Administrative Committee on October 20th. At the meeting it was pointed out that we should extend the scale of IFA, accelerate the communication of aspects of safety technology and promote the development of the world fireworks industry; at the meeting, Mr.Xu Qiangguo was elected as Vice-President of the Executive Committee, while the Executive Committee and the SEC department were re-elected. It was decided to establish a working group consisting of Messrs Yang Shengjun, Liu Donghui, Wu Siyuan, Liu Aiqing and Benght. Through the great efforts made by this group and the discussion of the whole committee, the Executive Committee decided to make such changes as proposed by Mr. CaoXumin, honorary Chairman of the Executive committee, Mr. Yang Shengjun, Chairman of the Administrative Committee, Mr. Liu Donghui, Secretary-General of the SEC department, Miss Long Xuejun, the deputy Secretary-General, and especially Mr. Liu Jinbiao, the IFA expert, and Miss Tongbin, adviser to the Secretary-General. The new leaders of the IFA are filled with confidence and have many ideas for promoting the development of the IFA.

Looking forward, we are full of confidence and ready to face the future. We expect that in the New Year, with its new ideas, the International Fireworks Association will become better and better, and serve the fireworks industry and its associates even better. At present, the SEC department has laid out its direction and mission for the New Year in four key points and eight tasks.

The four key points are as follows: 1. to perfect the organization, expand the scale of the IFA and set up The Expert committee, The Technical Production Committee and The Marketing Committee under the SEC department. The Experts Committee will be made up of famous experts in the trade, and mainly undertake the work of studying international standards, solving such problems as technological difficulties in the trade. The Technical Committee will address problems such as fireworks production safety, production technology, etc. The Marketing Committee will promote the relevant enterprises serving the fireworks industry and address matters of research and technology. 2, to strengthen security and technological research, strengthen security, exchange and technological co-operation in various ways – trade forums, websites, publications, etc. strengthen the information interchange in the trade and promote resource-sharing. 3, to give full play to the function of Committee of Experts, devoted to the research of international fireworks standards and working hard for creating a safe and orderly trade environment. 4, to give full play to service functions such as co-ordination, consultation, professional training, and actively serve its membership.

The Associations "Eight tasks" for this year are: 1, to strengthen the internal management of the Secretariat, set up and expand every internal system, manage within the norm and improve efficiency. 2, to develop members actively, strengthen the Association's scale, expanding the association influences. 3, to organize Executive Committee meetings once or twice a year, organize discussions and formulate policy. 4, in the first half of the year, to engage well-known experts in the trade to set up a Committee of Experts to study aspects of safety, technical research, international fireworks standards, etc. 5, in the second half of the year, to establish a Technical Production Committee and make efforts in such aspects as fireworks production safety, quality exchange and technology. 6, to set up websites for the Association, devote more effort to promoting the Association, improve communication within the Association, strengthen information exchange in the trade and between the members, and guarantee resource-sharing. 7, to launch a training program. 8, to organize the third annual meeting and make full preparations for next year.

Realizing the above-mentioned tasks and advancing the development of the Association will be impossible without the support of all Executive Committee members, all Secretariat staff members and especially the care and support of all our common members. We hope that our members will continue to care about the growth and development of the Association, that they will faithfully fulfil their obligation, and pay their membership fees in time. It is also our great pleasure to receive more applications for admission to the Association from all over the world!

Friends, the new tasks set out by the Secretariat are crystal clear, the clarion call by which the Association summons you has been blown, let's wash the dust off out feet, gather our strength, share our problems and do our best. We believe that, with your support, the Association will surely build an even more brilliant future for the international fireworks industry!

Secretary General: Liu Donghui
Address: Liuyang City, Hunan, China
Fax: 0086-731-3631608

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