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Introduction of IFA--International Fireworks Association(IFA)
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Introduction of International Fireworks Association

Fireworks organization of China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries or regions are founding members of International Fireworks Association(IFA). In October 2003, IFA authorized by the State Council of PRC, registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC, supervised by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC, which is a non-governmental international fireworks organization and the exclusive international organization registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC, the headquarter in Liuyang, China. Nearly 100 member units distribute in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

The leading institution consists of the Expert Committee, the Production Committee, the Market Committee, and the Transportation Committee. The IFA Secretariat as the standing institution consists of Department of Comprehensive Coordination(DCC),Department of Exchange and Cooperation(DEC), Department of Technology Standard(DTS), Department of Self-discipline and Rights-protection(DSR) and other departments. IFA hold the principle of “Intercommunication, Cooperation, Self- discipline, Independence”, to place effort to strengthen international cooperation and drive to unify standards of safety and quality of fireworks in the world; To impel the application of new craftwork, technology and equipment, to promote fireworks development in a direction of safety, environmental protection and art; To research and discuss the international current rule; To collect and distribute the international information of fireworks on production, trade and law; To promote the good development of international fireworks production and trade. IFA make great contribution for promote international fireworks industry, and the effecting in the world expanded day by day. We hope everyone of fireworks industry pay attention to the development of IFA. Under your support, IFA will make bright future.

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